Lately, I have been largely MIA in the greater library blogosphere. While starting a new job is often refreshing, it is also stressful, at least in the beginning. Therefore, I have been focused on learning the ropes and getting the lay of the land in order to be effective in my new position as quickly as possible. The result is that I have been off the grid and disconnected from what’s trending.

I haven’t stopped following the chatter altogether, though. In fact, just today I stumbled across four posts that made me stop and think. Two of them were serious posts that fed off a third, and all are worthy of consideration. However, it was the fourth post that jolted me into action in the form of a comment–something I haven’t done in quite some time.

My comment wasn’t pithy or insightful or deep. I simply acknowledged that the blogger (Will Manley) made me laugh, which is very much appreciated. Leave it to Will to cut through the muck and say something irreverent, curmudegon-like, and completely honest.

After all, ’tis the season to be jolly. What better time to step back and consider fully what really matters, what is just distraction, and what should be ignored whenever possible. Thank you Santa Claus, aka Will Unwound, for giving me the gift of levity.

I hope to return to blogging in the New Year. If and when I do, I hope I will focus on the heart of the matter. I have learned so much over the past six weeks. Visiting the 22 libraries in my district has been the best part of my new gig. For every bit of disparity that exists, there is a thread of common ground. My goal (and challenge) is to build upon that foundation in order to best serve the libraries in my district.

Maybe that is the key to our profession–to find common ground without rubber-stamping all libraries (or librarians) as if they have the same story.

Merry, merry. Happy, happy. And to all a good night.