Today I had another physical therapy session. My therapist was young–early twenties–and not quite a physical therapist. I believe he was in training.

He was pleasant, and he made small talk as he was helping me through the exercises. Our conversation went something like this:

PT: So, what do you do?

Me: I’m a cataloger at the Library System of Lancaster County

PT: Oh, cool. How did you get that job?

Me: Well, I was working part time at Franklin & Marshall College, and I needed a full-time job, and this one came up.

PT: Did you like working at F & M?

Me: Yes. I loved it.

PT: What did you do before that?

Me: Well, I stayed home with my kids for 13 years.

PT: And before that?

Me: I was a paralegal.

PT: So how did you go from being a paralegal to working in libraries?

Me: I didn’t want to go back into law, so when I returned to the work force I took a job that sounded interesting. I soon realized that I was going to be in the same boat as when I was a paralegal–not quite “there.”

PT: What do you mean?

Me: I needed more education in order to advance.

PT: So you got your masters in library science?

Me: (Surprised that he knew the name of the degree) Yes. Yes I did.

PT: Cool. Aren’t libraries a lot about technology and information retrieval and access more than anything else?

Me: (Almost falling off the table). Why, yes. Yes they are. I’m kind of surprised to hear you say that, though.

PT: Why?

Me: Well, you’d be surprised how many people still envision the old lady with the bun shushing everyone as the dust flies off the books.

PT: (Laughing out loud). Ha! Well, isn’t that like from 30 years ago or something?

Me: (Once again shocked into disbelief). Why, yes. Yes it is.

PT: So, I would think that many businesses could use information specialists today.

Me: You would think so, yes.

PT: Because there’s so much information out there it would be nice to have someone who can organize it and analyze it and make it understandable.

Me: I really, really like the way you think.

I got a two-for-one: therapy for my leg and therapy for my ego.

All in all, a good day.