file0001211175455It’s not quite August, but since I have time on my hands thanks to a broken leg, I thought I would try to jump back into the blogging ring. It’s hard to jump with a broken leg; it’s even harder to jump over the elephant that’s taken up residence in my virtual room at WordPress.

Those damn elephants are everywhere, in almost every room, real rooms and virtual rooms alike. And they take up so much space. Often there’s more than one. By making room for the elephants and tiptoeing around them, we have very little space left in which to get anything of value done or said. The elephants suck the life right out of that room because, well, they’re big! And they need air to breathe. And we let them breathe our air and give them life instead of politely and directly addressing them and asking them to go outside where they belong.

Until I can figure out how to work around the elephant in this particular room, I fear I have little of substance or value to say. The elephant will never leave until I leave libraries or until I retire, at which time I will say to the elephant, “Get the hell out.” It’s not that there aren’t many things to write about and many positive things to say–there are, and I’m certain I will find my way back to a comfortable place of compromise. The problem is that what I really like to talk about, because it’s what really needs to be talked about, are the elephants. I hear that elephants are gentle creatures, but they are powerful creatures, too.

I may be wrong because I don’t follow more than a handful of blogs; however, I believe the one elephant-free space in the blogosphere may be Will Unwound. While Will does still write for professional publications and is a trustee for his local library, he is retired from the profession, and if I’m not mistaken, he can pretty much say whatever the hell he wants to say. Take a trip over there if you haven’t yet paid a visit to the recently, reopened tavern. You will find a high level of honesty, transparency, civility, and engagement.

I don’t think you’ll find any elephants.