Several recent topics of conversation have reminded me of this post from last year. It was one of my favorites.

bringyournoise (byn)

I think I’ll call them Masterful and Mastermind. And I will make them female, just because there are only two choices–no gender bias intended. Let me introduce them-

Masterful wields her MLS/MLIS/MSLS like a weapon. She rules with an iron fist and with inflexible standards. She is careful to carefully distinguish at all times, and in all circumstances, between professional librarians and paraprofessionals. Masterful has made it clear that anyone without the proper credentials is unable to think or act independently or perform professional librarian duties. Masterful is quick to point to her degree as  proof that she is entitled to her proprietary and territorial hold on her sacred librarian ground. If you don’t know she’s a professional, by God, she will tell you and everyone else who will listen. She earned that degree and how dare you tell her that it doesn’t mean something. She’s not threatened by “non-professionals,”…

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