“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life”…well, not exactly. But it is a new year.  There’s no video to watch, so feel free to listen to the song while you continue to read.

In my last library-ish post, I shared the results of my first library culture question. That was fun, so I decided to start the year with library culture question #2. Before leaving the first question behind, I would like to mention a great article I came across today thanks to a Facebook friend. It addresses a similar issue–a hiring choice–from a slightly different angle. Read the comments, too. In brief, the article promotes the idea that, “The best people are those who accomplish the most with the least amount of skills and experience.” Interesting way to look at it.

My point in asking the first library culture question was to emphasize what personality traits and other characteristics may or may not be important when hiring to build a specific kind of culture within your library or other workplace. This time I’m going in a different direction.

I’m hoping that most of you are familiar with the Annoyed Librarian blog hosted by Library Journal. If you’re a regular or even an occasional reader, you will be able to answer the question. If you’re not, maybe take a few minutes and read a couple recent posts to sample the flavor of the blog.

Annoyed Librarian is one of seven blogs hosted by Library Journal, which lends credibility to the blog as a forum for professional discourse. While this blog does address serious library issues (not-so-serious ones, too) and uses good information and (usually) well thought out arguments to support its stance, the narrative tone is mostly snarky and sarcastic, critical, and often cynical. It is also written anonymously–there is no accountability.

It has been the subject of controversy, occasionally (Annoyed Strikes Again, Librarians Too Annoyed), and bigger guns than me have addressed the blog in one way or another going back years (David Lee King, K.G. Schneider, David Lankes, Andy Woodworth).

I’m not here to pass judgment on this blog. I write a blog, after all, and wholeheartedly support anyone who has a voice and wants to use it–even anonymously. And I read Annoyed Librarian regularly and have commented once or twice. But since this blog relies heavily on SSC (snark, sarcasm, and cynicism, although one could argue that snark and sarcasm are the same thing– I say not quite) to makes its points, is hosted by a national library publication, and is written anonymously, I think there is value in asking the following question:

As before, I’ll share the results in a future post. If you decide to participate–thanks!

One more thing-I have no interest in starting a flame war with Annoyed Librarian. I suspect he/she could make mincemeat out of me! I appreciate sarcastic humor as much as anyone. My goal here is to explore whether being an annoyed librarian is the exception or the norm–are there many ALs out there in this land of libraries? Who think and speak in exactly the same way as AL but don’t happen to write a blog? If you have something nice to say about AL, by all means say it. Otherwise, maybe don’t? I’m interested in the blog as an entity separate from the person behind it, which it is, in effect, since it is not associated with a specific name. In other words, I don’t want the comments section to turn into a diatribe against AL. But if you have a strong opinion about whether the blog is representative of more librarians than not, please let us know.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new….year.