• Unglue.it: The crowdfunding, Creative Commons licensing, DRM free, ebook initiative. Its first unglued ebook is in our OPAC (I know because I put it there).
  • Everylibrary: The first national PAC for libraries
  • ALA Think Tank: A Facebook group I’ve been aware of for some time and recently joined. Interesting, lively discussions
  • Will Unwound: Will Manley’s blog, which I can’ t link to because it is now a private blog. I am watching and hoping that it will reopen at some point in the future. I’m certain that I’m not alone in my hope. I believe Will Unwound had some of the most loyal followers of any blog around. And if you think the content was not relevant because Will is retired well, think again, because you’re not thinking clearly.
  • PA FORWARD: I’m not only following this; I’m a part of this, although I haven’t contributed a lot lately. This statewide initiative, which was launched earlier this year, has so much potential.

I’d love to know what you are following…