Hey–are you voting for the other guy? You know, the one who is just not right for the job? The one who can’t possibly claim the moral or intellectual high ground? The one who is not a true patriot? The one who has made mistakes, errors in judgment, not been perfect? The one whose religion is in question? The one who lacks conviction? Are you voting for that guy?

It’s okay if you are. I mean he’s obviously the wrong choice. He is obviously not the one who can lead our nation to better economic times or move our country forward on the international stage. He can’t possibly protect our freedoms or our civil rights. But you must have your reasons, and I’m sure they’re good ones. Well, actually, I can’t think of one good reason for you to vote for the other guy–that vastly inferior candidate who has no business being the face of our nation. Even though I don’t know him, nor have I ever had a personal conversation with him, I’m fairly confident that he is disingenuous–perhaps even a liar–a reprehensible human being.

Except, wait a minute. If you’re voting for the other guy, then from your perspective, so I am, right? In fact, I bet many people we both know and love and respect are voting for the other guy. How can that be when I know I’m right and you and they are wrong?

I guess it really doesn’t matter because come November 6, the other guy will win no matter what. And then the other guy will be our president–the President of the United States of America. And what will we do with all of the hateful talk that came before?

When the other guy wins, what will you do? I don’t know what I’ll do, but I know I’ll have a choice–to stop the character assassination and fear mongering or to continue it so that our country remains divided well past election day.

It’s one thing to disagree on the issues–that’s almost a given in this country we call a democracy. It’s our right to disagree and to hold our elected officials accountable. It’s another thing altogether to make the election about someone’s character, integrity, and personal beliefs when no one really knows what’s inside a person’s mind or heart except the person whose heart and mind is in question. Character, integrity, and personal beliefs are important. But are any of us in a position to judge?

I hope when you vote for the other guy, you’re voting on the issues. I hope I am, too. I’d hate to see the other guy win because the other guy was deemed to be a “better person” or a “better American” or “the only moral choice.”

I hope the other guy doesn’t win, but if he does then I’ll have to deal, and so will you.  I know one thing for sure–most of us are moral beings, good Americans, and good people. Come November 7, half the country will be disappointed–maybe even livid or emotionally distraught because the other guy won. We’re all voting for the other guy–it just depends on where you sit.

It’s going to happen no matter what–the other guy is going to win. It’s time to figure out what comes next.