I’m experiencing a bit of writer’s block. So I decided to look back and see what I was thinking a year ago today. This post still holds true, except for one thing. I am now 51, so I should have learned at least one new thing this past year-
#51: If you can’t think of anything new to say, then repeat something that’s been said before. If it was worth saying once, then it’s probably worth saying again.

bringyournoise (byn)

I like to follow the Positivity Blog. It always makes me pause to think, which is a good thing. Recently, I received an email notification of a re-post from a couple of years back. In the post, Henrik discussed 16 things he wishes he had learned in school, and he discusses these things from the vantage point of being older and wiser at…28. Not that I don’t think you can learn a lot between the time you get out of school and turn 28–you can; however, in my mind, 28 is still fairly young to be “looking back” when there is still so much ahead to be learned.

Well, this got me thinking about a good friend I made while I was in grad school-Terri. I made many friends during this time; however, one thing that stands out about Terri (aside from her uncanny ability to know just…

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