Much of the conversation surrounding the education of librarians has centered around one fundamental premise–that the goal of a library science program should be to make “better” librarians.

Better than what? And what does a “better” librarian look like? What makes one librarian better than another? Is it aptitude or attitude? Is it skills? Knowledge? Personality? Compassion? Intelligence? Credentials? What characteristics are most important when looking to staff our libraries now and in the future?

What sets the best librarians apart from the rest? And what should we be expecting our schools–online and bricks & mortar–to be doing in order to create better librarians?

Or does being a great librarian come from within?

Until we know the answers to these questions, how do we know what it is we’re hoping to achieve when we talk about professional excellence?

I would love to hear your definitions of what being a better librarian means.