I wanted to write a Father’s Day post. But, I’m not a father, and while I have lots to say about the three dads in my life–my dad, my father-in-law, and my husband, father to my three children, I didn’t quite know what to write or how to say what I wanted to say. Because I’m a mother, and while I know how that feels; I don’t quite know what it feels like to be  a dad, of course.

But then my oldest child–a daughter–took care of that on her blog. Not what it feels like to be a dad, but what it feels like to have a dad like my husband. So I will link to her post and that will suffice. As I’m sure that what she said goes for my other two children, as well. I know it goes for me, too.

Why reinvent the wheel when someone does it right the first time?

Especially Freeing-