As a “back room” library employee–a cataloger (primarily) who does not work directly with the public, I have often wished to be among library users. Conversely, I have frequently been told by some front line staff that they long to be behind the scenes. I guess it all depends on your past experiences, your disposition, and your perspective–maybe the grass is always greener?

Anyway, today I read two lovely posts that have made me wish all over again to be in a position to create my own lovely stories just like these. Thanks to The Unquiet Librarian and Will Unwound for allowing me to live vicariously through their experiences and others like them.

I know it’s possible to make a difference from the back room, too. But it must be wonderful to touch lives on a daily basis and see the results. Oh, I’ve heard the patron horror stories, so I know its not all sweetness and light. But stories like these must make the bad ones more palatable.

This is why libraries matter.