Okay, well, I don’t actually dream about library conferences, but if I did I think my dream would look like this-

The R-Squared Risk and Reward Conference. Is anybody out there attending this wonderful thing?

Beautiful location? Check. Cool program? Check. Interesting concept? Check. There is a guy who was once associated with Zappos set to speak!

There are scholarships, and I considered applying. But other life circumstances prevent me from taking the final plunge. So, selfishly, since I am no longer interested in competing for limited scholarship funds, I thought I would put this out there in case anyone else, who hasn’t heard about this conference, can make it work. The deadline is May 1.

I appreciate and attend all the standard library conferences whenever possible. I would love to be going to ALA in Anaheim (particularly since I lived in California as a child and have not been back since a return trip with my husband about 25 years ago); however, this Colorado conference appeals to me on a totally different level. And besides, I have my sights set on visiting France in November. My younger daughter will be studying abroad in Strasbourg this fall, and I intend to pinch my pennies with the hope that they will form an amount substantial enough to send us–my husband and me (maybe siblings)–abroad, too, for the very first time.

Good luck to anyone who applies for a scholarship. And if you see Jamie LaRue, please say hi for me. He doesn’t know me, but I quote him often.

Finally, it was our System Training and Development Coordinator that put me onto this conference opportunity. And she has a wonderful blog herself, right here. Go and check it out.