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No. My intention is not to poke fun at addiction. Addiction is very real. However, I must confess that I have a serious problem with email.

I intended to make my next post about libraries, since that is why I started this blog in the first place. However, I have blatantly veered from my library agenda, often, and today is no exception. But I find myself in a serious predicament.

As I write, I am also in the process of deleting 30,000+ emails from my home email account. Even though I may be up all night, I have no choice–everyone is getting bounced back. My dad, my friends, my bank…everyone. Why have I let my email inbox build to the point of no return? I don’t know–laziness? Perhaps. An unnatural attachment to email? Possibly. Straight-up neglect–most likely. Sigh. And for every email I delete, 10 more are being delivered to my inbox.

Oh, and it’s not just my home email account. My work email inbox is about to top 7,000. I have a serious problem. I am not a “deleter.” And I need to become one.

Librarians are known for their organizational skills. Obviously, I am not a librarian. What made me think that a simple degree would confer the necessary skills to become efficient, organized, and methodical?

For those of you who have mastered the skill of merciless deletion, I applaud you. As for me, well, I will spend this evening in the process of mass deletion. Hopefully, I will learn from my mistakes, move forward, and one day achieve the necessary mindset to maintain current, manageable inboxes. Until then, if you have been “bounced” please forgive me. I know not what I do. But I am learning. And I am deleting even as I speak. One small step for me. One giant leap for my email provider. Hey, what can I say–I aim to please.