Sometimes when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed it feels good to stop and think about the things that don’t really matter to you–things you don’t have to waste your time thinking about. These are some of mine-

1.   What kind of car I drive. if it gets me where I need to go (and has air conditioning in the summer) I’m good.

2.   Whether the car I drive is clean or dirty at any given moment. I mean, I would prefer a clean car, but life is short.

3.   Whether Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating. Someone please tell me how this affects my life?

4.   Speculation about people’s weight gain, weight loss, or otherwise altered appearance. It’s cruel and unnecessary.

5.   The mommy wars. Most women just do the best they can in whatever circumstances they have created or that life has given to them.

6.   The latest political poll. Does it really matter what the projected vote will be? What counts is the final tally.

7.   Folded sheets.

8.   The dust on my mini blinds.

9.   Dishes in the sink.

10. Whether my kids’ rooms are messy or organized. My “kids” are not all kids anymore (and 2 don’t live at home full time), but even when they were younger, I figured that they were the ones who had to live in their rooms, not me.

11.  Ditto, my room.

12. Sports–except when I’m watching my kid.

13.  Name-dropping.

14.  Wealth, meaning not that I don’t wish I was wealthy (I do!), but that I’m not impressed by it.

15.  Ditto, status.

16.  Tabloid headlines.

17.  Sexual orientation.

18.  Milestones. Again, thinking back to when my kids were younger, it didn’t seem to be very important at what age they got out of diapers or stopped using a pacifier or walked or talked. My agenda was not necessarily theirs, nor should it have been.

19.  Keeping up appearances. If things aren’t OK, or if you’re doing something that you feel is right but might be questioned by some, is there really a need to hide?

20.  Achievements. That’s not to say that achievements–your own, your spouse’s/partner’s, your children’s–aren’t important, but they don’t affect my appreciation of someone just for who they are.

21.  Whether this list makes me sound like a slob–I’m not!

If some of these things are important to you, then you probably have your own list of other things. That’s the beauty of it. As long as we don’t impose our own lists upon each other, then we avoid making judgments. And we can each focus on what really, truly, unequivocally matters to us. Oh, and

22.  Other people’s lists. : )