I have a pet peeve. My pet peeve centers around the notion in many (most) library circles that jeans=unprofessional dress. I firmly disagree. Take this ensemble for instance:


How is the outfit above any less professional than the one below?


And yet the first outfit would not be permitted in a library setting that does not allow jeans while the second one would be considered okay. Why?

It is not jeans that are unprofessional. The right jeans, worn the right way with the right accessories can be every bit as professional as traditional “office” clothes. And they also add an element of attitude, in a good way.

I’m 50, but I’ll never be a “Talbot” woman in that I’m not comfortable dressed in formal, coordinated outfits for work, although there are exceptions to that rule. I do often wear dresses and slacks. And I know many women who dress that way every day and look great. I also know that female librarians are often maligned for their “interesting” wardrobe choices, sensible shoes, applique sweatshirts, etc. To each their own, I say. Your clothes should be a reflection of who you are and not necessarily what you do, with exceptions and within reason, of course.

But if there has to be a dress code, then it should focus on professionalism, not on a specific item of clothing.

Leave my jeans alone!