Well, what I have done is put my money where my mouth is. Back in November, in this post, I posed 23 questions that I would ask every household in the country if I had the chance. Obviously, I cannot survey the entire country; however, I did purchase a SurveyMonkey account (the level that allows you to ask more than 10 questions) so that I can ask these questions of a chosen few. I posted the link to the survey on Facebook and sent it via email to non-library people–people who don’t work in libraries and whom I suspect don’t use them much, either.

I asked these 23, open-ended questions, plus 4 demographic-type questions. I have no idea how I will analyze these results! But I will worry about that when the survey closes, which is February 4. I created and sent the survey on Saturday, and so far, have only 14 responses, so I may not have to worry too much about analysis.

I hope to get at least 50 replies, which will of course not represent a scientifically, significant sample. However, it will be interesting as hell to read those responses!

I’m tempted to post the link here, too; however, I suspect mostly library types read this blog and that is not my intended audience for this survey.

Stay tuned for a future post regarding the results of this experiment!