As enamored as I am with our Christmas tree is as annoyed as I am with all of the other stuff. You know, the stuff that takes the place of your regular stuff, which has to be put away until after the holidays only to be put back, hopefully in the same place as it was before. There’s a lot of lugging, and dusting, and rearranging just to make room for lots and lots of stuff. And then there are all things lighted! Things that have to be plugged in and unplugged, turned on and turned off, inside and outside, each and every night by using outlets that are either out of easy reach, outside, or hidden by sofas, tables, or decorative snow on the mantel.

Why do we torture ourselves like this? There’s more than enough to do to get ready for the holidays without the endless struggle of keeping the tiny village all aglow or the crystal-like snowman lit from within or the candle above the nativity shining brightly.

I love Christmas and the holidays. But maybe the tree–in all its glory–should stand alone as the one and only decoration. All I have to do is touch the little sensor hooked to a branch to make it pretty.

Of course, I might feel differently about all of this if I weren’t the only person in my house to remember that we have many lighted things that need to be lit! I am a one-man band when it comes to turning on the Christmas show. Oh, yeah, everyone remembers to turn on the tree lights because of that one, little, easy-touch sensor.

I complain every year, and every year is the same. If I come home after dark, I will come home to a half-lit house. Anything that can be turned on with the flick of a switch will be shining brightly. Anything that requires bending or reaching or lifting or crawling will be dark and sad…and waiting for me.

Christmas is all about tradition. I guess one of those traditions is that Mom is the keeper of the lights. If that’s my biggest gripe during the holidays, then I’ve got nothing to complain about. Unless you want to talk about keeping the tree stand filled with water…