Today my entire family comes together again for five glorious days. I hope I don’t have time to think about blogging. Instead, I hope I’m busy cooking, talking, cutting down our Christmas tree, seeing a movie (maybe), shopping (not on Friday) and enjoying the feeling of contentment that comes with having a full house.

As Thanksgiving approaches, it goes without saying that I am thankful for my family. I’m grateful for everything I have that is often too easy to take for granted. I try to remember to appreciate my life and the people (and pets) in it every day. That’s a given.

So, I was trying to think about other things that I’m thankful for–things that are not so obvious or important but are worthy of some measure of gratitude just the same.  Just because. Here are a few-

Chocolate. I am seriously thankful for chocolate. Rejuvenation in a tasty morsel.

Make-up, particularly concealer and lipstick. One hides the dark circles while the other can brighten even a cloudy face.

Sweatpants/yoga pants/pajamas–the anti-jeans.

Bagged lettuce. Washing a head of lettuce is a drag, and I hate wet salad.

My GPS. I have never been able to read maps very well and trying to read a print out from Google Maps while driving is a pain, too. And when it comes to directions, my husband will argue less with the lady inside the GPS than with me.

My DVR. Too many choices, too little time, or too tired to stay up.

The garage door opener. And the garage.

Email, texting, Skype, social networks and other means of staying connected with people near and far.

Drive-thru anything, anywhere. Sometimes I just don’t want to get out of the car.

Take-out. I’ll even get out of the car to pick it up if it means not cooking at the end of a grueling day.

Magazines. Easy on the eyes and perfect for those times when your mind is feeling too lazy to read a book.

Fresh sheets on the bed. And remembering to put those fresh sheets on the bed well in advance of bedtime.

Pasta. Could there ever be a more versatile or satisfying food?

Frozen pizza. Having one or two in the freezer at all times is just plain smart.

Coffee, iced tea, and wine. They take you through the day–morning, noon, and night.

My magnifying, lighted makeup mirror, which allows me to see everything in fine detail. Oh, wait…

Shopping online while wearing pajamas and drinking a cup of coffee.

My iPad. I love my iPad.


That during this holiday season, I am no longer a graduate school student.

And that is my nowhere-near-complete or even particularly well thought out list of (mostly) superficial things for which I am thankful. And while many of these things are luxuries that I sometimes rely on as necessities, I could easily live without any of them. The same can’t be said about the people who will fill my house tonight or the ones I will see or think about over the holidays–family, friends, and others that touch my life and make it better. Or all the other things, big and small, that make life really worth living and can’t be so easily listed or ever replaced.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.