Somebody asked me recently (in a rather annoyed manner) if this blog is supposed to be about life or libraries and suggested that I make a decision about that or split up the content so that they (as someone interested only in library news) would not have to read my other observations about life in general.

I guess my answer to that question is that this blog is about life, which includes libraries, and which is why I hate the term “libraryland.” There is no special land of libraries. Libraries are part of the landscape of life, or should be.

Yes. I understand that there are blogs dedicated to the profession and exist only to disseminate news about libraries, thoughts on libraries and librarianship, research related to libraries, ruminations on the future of libraries, advances in the field, etc. That’s great. And I read many of them. But this isn’t one of those blogs.

Part of the reason I don’t just write about library stuff is because there are others who do it better (see Agnostic, Maybe, Librarian by Day, Librarian in Black, Will Unwound, In the Library with the Lead Pipe) to name just a few. But if I can incorporate library talk into a blog that is read for other reasons, well, isn’t that good for libraries, too? Because quite frankly libraries don’t always come up in the course of normal conversation. And most people never think about them. But the people we most need to educate about libraries are not librarians but rather the taxpayers whose money supports them.

I’m not a techie; I’m not completely enamored with the profession the way some are; I’m not going to win an award for best library blog. What I am is someone who works for a library system, follows library trends, and wants to see libraries survive well into the future, mostly because I believe they can and do change lives–and life–in big and small ways.

So, no, I’m not confused about the direction of my blog.

“A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone”~Jo Godwin (to the best of my knowledge).

That’s probably my favorite library quote. A library should represent life and all of the many viewpoints that define our world. While I hope my blog offends no one, I do hope it also represents life, which includes libraries. But there’s more to life than libraries. Just as there’s more to libraries than books.