I thought I would start the week with good news about libraries.

First, my favorite link/post from last week can be found here. Now that is innovative thinking for the future of public libraries. Read it and imagine what else could be done.

And then there’s this: A clear mandate by Pittsburgh voters to increase the real estate tax for the sole purpose of funding The Carnegie Library and its branches. Now that’s some great momentum to leverage.

The public library is not dead. It is ripe for reinvention in a time when information needs are changing so rapidly that we need, more than ever, an institution dedicated to providing access to that information. Can you get that from your favorite search engine? Some of it, sure.

But there’s something powerful to be said about a brick and mortar building in the hub of the community that stands for open access and continuing education and exists for no other reason than to provide resources and services that help to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed and thrive in the age of information. And to promote 21st century literacies so that everyone has a chance to make sense of all that information.

There’s work to be done. Libraries must change in order to move forward. But the future could be exciting with the right vision and the right funding. The examples provided here show that both are possible.