…to quote a reader–a reader that recently sent me a comment privately instead of posting to the blog. I happen to know this reader. This person has one of the kindest, gentlest spirits I’ve ever encountered. And this is the comment, which I thought was great:

Bring Your Noise? Sometimes it’s all in the balance. Imagine working in this large library: You’re trying to hear an angry patron on the phone in a room full of people who are not trying to be quiet. A parent is ignoring his LOUD crying baby. Several friends are relaxing together with a loud conversation. Children are running around noisily. There is a normal buzz of people is in the background. It’s too noisy! You can’t hear the guy on the phone. You feel sorry for the people who are on their one hour a day of computer use. They don’t all have headphones. SO… how do you find the halfway point between stuffy and ear splitting? I’m glad librarians don’t expect whispering any more, but….

It’s easy to write a blog and say whatever you want when nobody challenges you. Funny–it wasn’t until recently that I noticed that Seth Godin doesn’t have comments turned on for his blog. In fact, in a recent post, he said this when giving advice for writing and/or blogging daily, ” Turn off comments, certainly–you don’t need more criticism, you need more writing.”

Where’s the balance in that? Not giving people a chance to disagree with what you say? And what if the majority of the comments are not criticisms but rather supportive? Why not take the chance?

I wanted to give voice to this reader’s comment because I appreciated what was said and believed it was worth sharing. And, more importantly, it adds balance. And that’s a good thing.