I am currently formulating a post based on a lot of library stuff that I’ve digested this week. In the meantime, I thought I would post a little pre-election, positive manifesto since the closer it gets to the actual election, the further and further away from politics I will steer. I don’t want this blog to be a forum for politics; however, since it is my blog, I thought I would use it to practice my rhetoric for the onslaught of incredulous inquiries that will undoubtedly be directed at me by my very wonderful, although politically opposite, family members, on both sides. Sigh. I still remember the last presidential election, which is when I really started to focus on my political principles and beliefs and figure out my own agenda (I know, better late than never). Obama got my vote then, and he will (as of now) get my vote again.

I don’t like negative campaigning–never have, never will (although sometimes it is hard to resist). So I don’t intend to do any of my own. Instead, I thought I would practice deflecting criticism by outlining for myself the reasons why my vote is likely to stay the same.

Of course, as always, feel free to weigh in on either side. But this is not intended to start a rigorous political debate. (Especially a nasty one. I’m kind of a wimp in the face of anger…) Rather, this is just me justifying my vote, which could change depending on circumstances (but I doubt it unless those circumstances are extreme). And I figured if Herman Cain can make simplicity so appealing, then so can I! Of course, these are just my opinions not statements of fact. So, without further ado-

1.  I’m not voting on the economy. I believe the economy will improve when the economy improves regardless of the policies of any one president or administration. It took more than one administration and more than 3 years to make it bad, so it will probably take more than one administration and more than 3 years to make it better.

2. In my view, Obama has done an excellent job as Commander-in-Chief.

3. I don’t want to see our country do a conservative backslide on social issues like reproductive or gay rights or separation of church and state.

4. I have no reason to doubt the man’s character, integrity, or intentions.

5. There is no other, credible option for me, yet.

There you have it–5-5-5, which is really only one set of 5, but who’s counting. It is my fervent hope that during this election season, we can all focus on the reasons why we are voting the way we are voting rather than why we are not voting for who we are not voting for (that was clumsy, but you get my drift). I can barely stand the thought of what’s ahead. Whether you vote 9-9-9 or 5-5-5 or conservative or liberal or Republican or Democrat remember this: Somewhere, someone you love, respect, or admire is probably going to vote differently than you. So there must be some validity to all the arguments over who should be president and why. If you have a positive manifesto, there’s no need to go on the attack. Wishful, naïve thinking, I suppose. But one can hope.