You know how people are always saying, “Trust your gut” or “A little voice inside my head said…”? Well, I used to think that they were the same thing, but now I’m not so sure. What happens when your gut and that little voice inside your head are talking to you at the same time and saying two different things? Which one do you trust? No. I do not “hear voices” telling me to do things. I am trying to be thoughtful, here; I am not mentally unstable (hopefully).

What I mean is this: Sometimes there’s a little voice inside my head telling me to try just one more time before giving up on a person, a situation, a dream, or something else. But then my gut pipes up and says, “No. Give up the ghost already. This isn’t working.” And then other times, the roles are reversed–that little voice inside my head is saying, “STOP NOW” while my gut is screaming, “NEVER STOP.” Why should I believe one over the other? Or rather when should I believe one over the other?

It could be that your little voice and your gut are at odds for a reason–to give you time to consider more fully what outcome you’re trying to achieve. Maybe sometimes that little voice knows something your gut doesn’t. What if your gut instinct is irrational based on past experience? Or what if that little voice is too smart for its own good and needs the common sense offered by the visceral reaction of your gut?

Maybe it’s as simple as this: listen to your gut when you don’t have time to make sense of the little voice inside your head, and listen to the voice inside your head when you fear your gut is overreacting.

Or maybe not everyone has conversations with different parts of their anatomy. My guts says they do, but a little voice inside my head is telling me that people may think I am crazy. Gut wins this time.