Wow. I am so grateful that my post on age struck a chord. That post got 3 times more (and counting) views than any other one post, ever, in the almost 5 months that I’ve been doing this. And it’s been up for less than 24 hours. Many thanks to all of you who tweeted, linked to, liked it, etc., particularly Librarian in Black, who started the ball rolling with her very generous reply to my response and her tweet of the same. Many others followed suit (Agnostic Maybe, Librarian by Day, Unquiet Librarian, to name just a few), and in addition to many more views than I’m accustomed to, I picked up some new subscribers, too.

I guess I just wanted to add one more thing before putting this topic to rest. And it’s not necessarily all about age…but…

I believe that continued personal growth is a lifelong endeavor. I would never want to reach an age where I feel like I have nowhere to “grow.” But, it is also gratifying to reach an age where I no longer feel such an intense need to justify, rationalize, or explain my beliefs or my convictions. I’ve spent 50 years developing them, and while they are still evolving, they are more settled and more a part of who I am than ever before. There’s no need to convince anyone other than myself that what I value and what matters to me is real and true.

I’m not sure just how many new viewers I’ve picked up as a result of this “ageless” post. And I don’t know the demographics, i.e., your age. But what I do know is that my little, anonymous blog with a loyal (and much appreciated) following of mostly Facebook friends, has passed Go and collected $100. So, consider this fair warning–I don’t have an agenda. I write what I feel, when I feel it. Many times it’s related to libraries; often it is not. I hope that at least some of you will come back to figure out if anything else I have to say resonates with you, whatever your age.