Kideos? I wonder if they’re still around? If they’re not, we have 3 dusty VHS tapes on our shelf to prove that they once existed. When my kids were little, we sent away for personalized, “animated” movies starring each of them in a pivotal role. I say “animated” because the two earlier movies made using my daughters’ photos were not technically animated. Their photochopped heads were pasted into a series of still shots set to music and narrated. My older daughter went to a zoo, while my younger daughter went on a safari. Later, when it was Jake’s turn, the technologically had improved, and he was actually moving about freely in a cartoon body as part of a Barney birthday party!

I thought of these today when I read this article about a new offering from JibJab (of political satire and ElfYourself fame) that will allow you to insert your child into a fully animated book using a free downloaded app for the iPad. You then have the option of buying additional, personalized ebooks or joining their ebook club for a monthly fee.

I cannot express how much I love this idea. I have an iPad, and I would download this app in a second if I thought for one minute my kids would still appreciate seeing themselves animated, in this case as animatronic pizza chefs in a video picture book. Then again, I like to cook. Maybe I’ll download the app for myself.