So, yes. I described a day in the life of my Systems office, public library, cataloging job. And it is a fine, upstanding day indeed. However, as I pointed out, while I am grateful that cataloging has given me a skill set and knowledge that is useful and necessary in the world of libraries, and while I am thankful to have a full-time job when many, many others do not, I still sometimes dream of a different day in the life–without changing employers and without leaving the world of libraries. A day that would go something like this…

9:00 a.m. Arrive at work. Head to my corner office (not cubicle) with windows on two sides. Observe three piles of “real mail” neatly stacked and sorted as follows: Pile 1–greeting cards congratulating me on the awesomeness of my blog, bringyournoise; Pile 2–book offers! (“real” print books, not e-books!) Publishers lining up to sign me for my first memoir, “Tales from MARC: Cataloging Magic“; Pile 3 –checks! Donations, to be exact, from people everywhere who love libraries, specifically our own member libraries. What to do with all that money?!

9:15. Head to the break room where freshly brewed espresso waits to be made into lattes and cappuccino by the barista who works at the office from 9-11 every day. Grab a freshly baked scone on the way out the door.

9:30.Peruse the Web for library news and accolades. Review the view statistics on my blog noting the 120% increase (up to 15,000 views per post now) and the many and varied comments from unknown and well-known fans alike (must remember to thank Steven Tyler personally for his kind and astute observations).

10:00. Begin work on public library marketing campaign. Find new and fresh ways to present what we do and how we do it to the public. Determine a “brand” that would serve our libraries well and represent our value to the community. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm.

12:00 p.m. Working lunch. Meet with library representatives from all across the county–school, special, academic and public–to discuss Big Tent Librarianship and how we can learn to better collaborate, cooperate, and coordinate in order to manage resources, costs and to serve our users and the public most effectively, together. Excellent conversation and good food and drink–a sushi course followed by spring rolls and Pho with a nice, cold chardonnay.

2:00. Hit the road to visit member libraries and catch up on their concerns and front-line issues. Take notes and make lists of ways that we can help make things better.

4:00. Return to the office. Check email, blog, news, phone messages. Answer messages and return calls. Summarize what I learned on the road from our customers, the member libraries, and send emails thanking the directors for their time and input. Check in with my coworkers to find out what’s happening and who needs extra help tomorrow since my calendar is free of meetings.

5:00. Head home with a smile, ready to do it all over again the next day.