With the holiday celebrations behind us, my only goal today was to get lost in a good book. There are several inviting places to read outside at our house, and on a nice day that’s where I prefer to settle in. My younger daughter prefers our front porch-

While I prefer the backyard-

And that’s where I’ve spent the better part of the day reading this-

Although there are more productive ways I could have spent my time today (and I may regret not doing the things I could have done), I’m happy that I spent time relaxing in the hammock, listening to the rustling of the trees, under their shade, but still feeling the warmth of the sun, getting to know new people in new places and rediscovering the joy of reading for pleasure. And while I think Kindles, e-books, and other e-readers are great, and though I have a slight obsession with my iPad, the act of reading today was particularly enjoyable because it did not involve any screen time, which I get way too much of as it is. New reading technology is a good thing for books and readers, but it will never replace (at least in my mind) the simple, transformative act of turning real pages of a “real” book. It’s true that the words are the same, whether onscreen or in print; however, the experience of reading those words may differ depending upon the format chosen. One may not necessarily be better than the other, but I think the selection of the medium is almost as important as the selection of the book itself. And today I was definitely in the mood for the low-tech, the original, the one and only, paper book. Somehow the picture above just wouldn’t be the same with a Kindle. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess that’s saying something.