It may seem odd that I have written tributes to my fellow Laura Bush Scholars, my book group, former colleagues (even a strategic planner!) but nothing about my family. While this blog is intended to be mostly library-ish (I get distracted easily, but I am determined to make my next post library-related), and while my husband or kids may pop up from time to time in various posts for various reasons, I doubt that I’ll be writing anything dedicated specifically to the four of them. Simply put—it’s too big. They are quite literally my whole world and nothing else really matters without them. There would be no way to do them justice, and no reason to. I will keep them in my heart, but they are evident in everything I am and hope to be. They are the best part of me. And they are amazing people who are destined to do great things, big and small.

So while I could gush about what a wonderful father my husband is to our children, I won’t. Because it would embarrass him. He’s a low-key kind of guy. I’ll just say this—I’m very lucky to have not only married my best friend but to have gotten in the process the best dad my kids could ever have.  He’s our hero.