My two primary professional role models for blogging are Andy Woodworth’s Agnostic, Maybe and Bobbi Newman’s Librarian by Day.

I (almost) always like what Andy has to say, and if I don’t like it or agree with it, then I appreciate it. He likes to think big, have discussions on broad,  philosophical library topics as well as specific issues. He probably often makes people uncomfortable, which is a good thing because the discomfort zone is where all the really good and important conversations happen. I also like his “Big Tent” philosophy. Recently he called for all of us in the library world to engage in “saying or writing things without regard to whether it is polite, correct, or otherwise kosher. I would hope that more of my peers would feel the same and invest themselves unreservedly into the ongoing professional conversations.”

Bobbi Newman is the fastest disseminator of library information around. If I want to know the most recent developments with regard to libraries or the most relevant posts or anything else, and I want it fast, I turn to Bobbi’s tweets or Facebook posts or blog. She’s always current and usually first to bring an issue to the social networking stratosphere.

So, despite feeling a bit intimidated by Andy and Bobbi and others like them, who are well-established, seasoned bloggers, I decided to throw my hat into the ring, too. Time will tell if I will find a voice as clear and recognizable as theirs.